from the 40-Day Prosperity Plan –
with Shane Warren

Throughout the course of the next 40-days you will confront challenges while undertaking
this life journey.  Some of these challenges may come from within you, but many will come
from  the  world  around  you.    Be  careful.    How  we  respond  to  challenges  shapes  how  the
world  repays  our  integrity.    For  example,  one  of  the  major  challenges  I  confronted  when
first undertaking the 40-Day Prosperity Plan was as follows…


I returned from holidays overseas and wanted to get some money changed.  I rocked up to
the  bank,  handed  over  my  money  –  a  mix  of  Singapore  Dollars,  Hong  Kong  Dollars  and
Chinese  RMB.    The  bank  teller  got  confused  and  calculated  all  my  money  as  Singapore
Dollars (at that time giving me a great conversion rate for Australian Dollars).  I was stuck:
do  I  give  back  the  money  pointing  out  the  mistake  or  do  I  quietly  walk  out  with  the  extra
dollars (what was about $20 or $30).  After an internal battle trying to justify not taking the
money back, the banks rip me off more than that in fees every month!  However, I returned
to  the  teller  and  pointed  out  the  error.    After  leaving  the  bank  a  little  less  cashed-up  I
decided  to  test  my  karma  and  bought  a  scratchy:  this  $2  investment  returned  me  a  free
ticket, which I gave to a cash-desperate mate – she won $250!
Maybe  it  was  coincidence  or  maybe  it  was  a  spiritual  karmic  kickback,  who  knows,  but  it
certainly  reminded  me  of  this  warning  given  when  I  was  first  allowed  into  the  secret
benefits of this prosperity plan!



LOL! Thanks for sharing Shane Warren!


Water Fountains For Wealth Corners

Abundant Flowing!

The same day that I announced this program, the pump on my lovely amethyst crystal with a light feature, gave out. This fountain was like the first unnecessary purchase that I ever bought for myself. It felt to extravagant back in 2000 when I first bought it. Now, it is a necessity! I have had to replace the pump before. Once I went out of town, and left it plugged in. I forgot to tell my house sitter to unplug. The first replacement was a disaster. I couldn’t get the light fixture to work, and so I forgot about it for several years.


Then one day. I remembered how crucial it is to have a wealth corner! LOL!! So, I ordered a new pump. This time, I could get the light to work! However, it spews water all around, wastes water, and it is very loud. And messy.  Kinda sounds like my money flow sometimes…


This journey parallels my life. Now that I know my own worth, it is easier for me to make purchases just because it feels good, or enhances my personal wellness and well being, , with no more guilt. Amethyst Crystal Fountain with a light is totally worth the time and cost it will take to replace the pump. I turn it off at night, and, I notice a lack of flow when I forget to turn the fountain back on.


I  also have or had a lovely Aset fountain in the Medicine Wheel Garden. One day, my puppy came and destroyed the power cord. Actually, I think that she ate the cord. It was never found. LOL!! She just chomped right through the electrical wires. I am surprised she didn’t get shocked.


It was sitting in the wealth corner for YEARS! Until, one day I realized that I should not have a broken down fountain in my wealth corner! So, it has been sitting around for years, outside of the Medicine Wheel of course, waiting for a replacement pump.


FORMER Status of My Flow according to this fountain! LOL!!!

When I started to promote this program, I made the determination to find a new pump. I then learned this model has been discontinued, and no one knows whicjh pump I need to get. So, I did an energy clearing, and determined that I should buy a NEW fpuntain, as they are really discounted now, then, I will be able to find the replacement pump for the original one. THEN I WILL HAVE TWO ASET FOUNTAINS IN MY GARDEN, One for My Self, and one for ALL OTHERS!!!! I am so grateful and excited for my energy work with the pendulum, because, I would have talked myself out of this plan otherwise…


this is how it will look!



This experience is a wonderful example of how we can make changes in our environment to make changes in our lives, and vice versa. I am confident that once I have BOTH, and soon to be, ALL THREE Fountains working well, and all lit up, that this will bring abut a shift in my money flow, my abundance and prosperity. TRY IT!! It really works!!!


GOOD FLOWING. Hotep, Tchiya Amet


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